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May 2, 2012
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Rainbow Dash Bed by ColdCalzone Rainbow Dash Bed by ColdCalzone
And it is done.
Yep. The whole thing.
All touch-ups are applied, and the bumpers are installed.
99 Days
210 Hours
14 weeks
And it sold for $2,000!
Yesterday, I won a red ribbon and took first place in a competition!

e-Bay Ad is up!

Here's an F.A.Q.

Are you selling it?
Yes. It will be for sale on ebay within the next week after the contest.

The slats and everything don't look aligned? Why is that?
The bed in this stage is just dry-assembled. No hardware is installed, but when it is installed, all the seams and cracks are gone.

Why would the slats be carved and painted? I imagine there would be a bed on-top of them, and carving them I'd think would weaken the structural integrity.
There is a "T" on the bottom of every slat that makes it stronger. Much like an I-beam. There is also a "U" notch in the two sideboards that the slats fit into to hold the slats in place. I also firmly believe that the inside of a box is just as important as the outside. Just as a philosophical rule that I think about. All the hardware is also custom. The L-Brackets are all engraved with a dremel just to emphasize my dedication to my works.

What size mattress does it take?
It fits an English twin mattress. There Is (or will be) a giant foam piece that is purple at the top between the mattress and the frame.

**clears throat**

I would like to thank all the ponies who have been following this project from the beginning!
People like Rainbro Dash, hahalyssa, widsithgrey, starbuck viper, Drayne-O, Sarge,and well... all of ponyville!
Special thanks to:

Cinnamon Groove: You, my friend are the one who even suggested that I should make this bed. (let alone the other mane 6) This bed would not exist without you! I hope you get better from that kidney stone ._.

Gundo: You helped me take awesome photos of the bed! Without you, this post wouldn't even exist!

Warlough: You were always there to help and support this whole project through thick-and thin, and not for one second did you stop giving me crap for making a pony bed. And for coming in at Six-o-Clock almost every morning so that I could work. Without you, I would have no place to make it.

Dad: You were there whenever I needed another hand to help lift. You lent me your garage, and helped me throughout the toughest of times and figuring out how to do half of the stuff that I needed to, and purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of tools to help me build my project correctly. And without your distinctive eye, it would have looked like crap. Without a doubt, you have helped me the most through fatherly "tough love" I love you dad and cannot thank you enough for everything that you have helped me with.

Mom and Robyn: When my ride had failed, and I needed to get my bed down to the contest, you were there for me, and you risked yor job like any true loving mother would have. You switched cars with robyn so I could get my project to the contest. I wouldn't have been able to enter without you!

Mom: You get a whole second thank you for going without me for seven weeks so I could finish this bed on time! You put up with all the crap and flak that went along, and I'm glad that you did. Thank you so much mom for all that you have helped me with!

Blackdragon blood: I think it's safe to say that your drawings and other tablet shennanigans have kept me thoughroughly entertained throughout this whole shpeal, so you definitely get Kudose as well!

Megan: For letting me use your laptop, and for putting up with all of your downtime off the computer so that I could keep everyone else in the light, I gotta say thanks!

Mr. Quarandberg: For leasing me a whole room to take the pictures with gundo, I cannot thank you enough!

Brettski: For letting me use your air compressor, and other tools, as well as putting up with all my other tools and dust flying everywhere. Not to mention your truck, so that we could take the bed to school, you get a special thanks!

Grandpa: you've always supported me and watched me closely when I've been working on my project. You supported me since the beginning, both financially and emotionally. I love you grandpa, so this one goes out to you!

Kaledrub: Your art inspires me to do what i do best. I love your works, and that shoe that you made really got me thinking about three-dimensional sculpting and chiselwork.

Thank you to all of you!

This bed wouldn't exist without any one of you~

Oh, and I've hidden somewhere in the Ponyville post a hint to the next my little pony inspired bed I'm going to make riiight.... here!
Happy hunting!
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En-Seta Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Student General Artist
 I almost died, that's how cute this is.
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WANT! Awesome work
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Wow! that's AWESOME! Whoever bought that is a lucky pony, that is very nice.
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That is amazing!
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